Jireh Pays Churches to Grow!

Grow your Church and Grow your finances


The Solution That Pays

Jireh's Growth Incentive program is designed to give you what you need, when you need it.

  •            We assists you with church growth while rewarding you financially.
  •            Jireh will pay bonuses for successfully using the services the first thirty (30) days
  •            Additional rewards for recommending Joshua I.S.N. to other pastors that join the Network.
  •            Bonuses and rewards can fund important ministry projects and programs like:
    •             The pastor's anniversary
    •               Feeding programs
    •            Access to monthly Joshua Network meetings
    •            Free 3 month subscription on Leaders.Church. A pastor's resource to empower and grow leaders.
    •            Eligible for upgrade after experiencing success for 9 months

Our Slogan “We show you how to do what you are already doing, but do it better, and get paid”.