What's my next step?

Grow your Church and Grow your finances

The Solution That Pays

  • Join the network

  •             Receive Free training
  •             Utilize the Virtual Administrator
  •             Clarify your vision
  •             Set growth bonus goal for 1st 30 days
    •                 Enter members and giving into database
    •                 Initiate communication with members and guests
  •             Achieve thirty (30) day Growth Bonus - Receive $50.00 reward
  • Friends and Family Program - Share with others

  •             Receive a $100.00 bonus for each referral that joins
  •             Receive $10.00 a month for each referral.
  • Ex. Share with ten (10) Pastors that join and:

  •                Receive $1,000.00.
  •                Receive a monthly bonus of $100.00  - ($1,200.00 yr).
  • Free Joshua I.S.N. subscription with six (6) referrals

    Our Slogan “We show you how to do what you are already doing, but do it better, and get paid”.